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R-Biopharm AG announced today it has entered into an agreement with UgenTec to collaborate on developing interpretation software for R-Biopharm’s clinical PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) kits.

Under the agreement, UgenTec will develop standardized software for automated quantitative result interpretation of various PCR assays developed by R-Biopharm AG. The software, named RIDA®SEEK; will be compatible with the most commonly used PCR platforms. The collaboration will cover the development, regulatory approval and launch. The first assays using RIDA®SEEK will be RIDA®GENE Medical Diagnostics (MDx) and selected RIDA®PRECISION Companion Diagnostics (CDx).

The goal of the PCR analysis software is to support lab technicians in PCR result interpretation, workflow management, quality monitoring and patient reporting.

“We are pleased to partner with UgenTec and access their significant capabilities and expertise in developing medical device software for automated PCR analysis,” said Dr. Frank Apostel, Vice President Companion Diagnostics at R-Biopharm AG. “This new project helps to increase efficiency in clinical diagnostic laboratories by reducing analysis time and providing higher diagnostic certainty.”

“UgenTec is looking forward to provide OEM-services to R-Biopharm and to increase the value of R-Biopharm’s diagnostic solutions. It will enable R-Biopharm’s customers automate their diagnostics, independent from the devices they equip”, said Wouter Uten, CEO of UgenTec. “Our collaboration with R-Biopharm acknowledges the increased trend towards value-based strategies in diagnostics. We are glad to use our experience in automated PCR interpretation to help increase the quality and time efficiency of R-Biopharm’s customers in clinical and companion diagnostics”.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

R-Biopharm AG
Companion Diagnostics
Dr. Frank Apostel, Vice President Business Development
An der neuen Bergstraße 17
64297 Darmstadt, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 61 51 – 81 02-537

R-Biopharm AG
Clinical Diagnostics
ppa. Tilmann Bur, Vice President Clinical Diagnostics
An der neuen Bergstraße 17
64297 Darmstadt, Germany
Phone: +49 (0) 61 51 – 81 02-0

UgenTec NV
Dr. Tom Martens, Managing Director
Kempische Steenweg 305 bus 6
3500 Hasselt, Belgium
Phone: +32 (0) 470 54 34 39

About UgenTec
Based in Hasselt, Belgium, UgenTec NV is the global market leader in independent interpretation software
for PCR. The company aims to provide the molecular diagnostic market with an artificially intelligent platform
that supports scientists in the interpretation of PCR data. The company also uses its platform to support
diagnostic companies in delivering more value to their customer by means of an end-to-end, automated
workflow solution.

About R-Biopharm
R-Biopharm AG (Darmstadt, Germany) is a globally active life science company and a leading provider of
reliable test systems for clinical diagnostics and for analyzing human food and animal feedstuffs.
Since 1988, R-Biopharm has been developing innovative products characterized by top quality, reliability and
efficiency. A strong sense of responsibility, long-standing experience and a network more than 21 affiliated
companies and subsidiaries in Europe, the US, South America, China and Australia, as well as more than
100 distribution partners, make R-Biopharm a prime partner for clients from retail, industry and public
institutions looking for answers and solutions for current analytical challenges.

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