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R-Biopharm AG announced today it has entered into a collaboration agreement with HMNC Brain Health in the field of complementary diagnostics.

Under this agreement R-Biopharm AG will develop an in vitro PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) based genetic test. The goal is to identify ABCB1 gene variants in patients who are treated with antidepressants in order to optimize the efficacy of depression therapy. The collaboration includes the development, regulatory approval, manufacturing and commercialization of the ABCB1 test.

“Complementary diagnostics play a central role in delivering tools that help identifying those individuals who are most likely to benefit from specific treatments” said Dr. Frank Apostel, Vice President Companion Diagnostics, R‑Biopharm AG. “We are delighted about this agreement as it expands our service in the field of personalized healthcare. Our goal is to help patients and their physicians to determine the best treatment option available.”

“A laboratory test that supports the physician in his treatment decision to choose the best drug and the appropriate dose for the individual patient represents a major improvement in antidepressant treatment.” states Professor Florian Holsboer, CEO of HMNC Brain Health. “To develop the ABCB1 test together with R-Biopharm is encouraging and an important step to achieve our ambitious goal even faster.”

Complementary diagnostics are increasingly in demand with the recognition that personalized medicine provides a way to improve patient care and reduce health care costs by matching specific therapies to individuals most likely to benefit from them, since all patients do not respond in the same way.

Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.


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