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R-Biopharm AG, one of the world’s leading suppliers of reliable test systems for clinical diagnostics is taking over the business operations of GeneWake GmbH and reinforcing its field of Companion Diagnostics.

R-Biopharm AG has many years of experience in the development of test systems for clinical diagnosis. It is a company with a strong growth in sales and a leader in the field of infection diagnosis, in particular the fast detection of noroviruses.

Molecular biology detection methods form an essential part of medical laboratory diagnosis. Early detection is a great advantage for the effective treatment of diseases and is decisive for the course of the illness. Molecular diagnosis enables early and specific diagnosis through direct detection of the DNA and RNA of the pathogen, which enables targeted and individual therapeutic treatment of the patient.

Personalized medicine takes into account the individual circumstances which go beyond the functional diagnosis of the disease. The different genetic compositions of patients require individually tailored treatments and adaptation of the medication in order to achieve the best possible cure. Companion Diagnostics is an important step towards personalized health care. In simple terms, Companion Diagnostics are tests which indicate whether the planned treatment will be successful in the specific case. Companion Diagnostics provide tailor-made treatment which provides each patient with the right medication or treatment at the right time and eliminates ineffective treatments. At the same time, with the development of these tests, R-Biopharm AG contributes to the implementation of affordable personalized treatment. The aim of R-Biopharm AG as a dependable partner for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, is to launch the most effective personalized treatments on the market throughout the world.

Particularly in this field, there are synergies between R-Biopharm AG and the GeneWake GmbH, which was founded in Munich in 2009. GeneWake GmbH stands for the development of innovative molecular diagnostics and provides a comprehensive portfolio of platform technologies, experience in the establishment of methods and in the field of biomarker detection and validation. It has developed several innovative diagnostic tests and methods which enable individual treatment of the most important types of tumor. The expertise of GeneWake GmbH reinforces the field of Companion Diagnostics of R-Biopharm AG in the development of biomarker tests and extends its portfolio.

“By the acquisition of GeneWake GmbH the field of Companion Diagnostics can be further reinforced and advanced and an even broader spectrum of innovative diagnostic test systems for a wide range of medical questions can be offered to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries”, says Dr. Frank Apostel, Vice President Companion Diagnostics at R-Biopharm AG.

About R-Biopharm AG

The globally active R-Biopharm AG has been located in Darmstadt since 1988 and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of dependable test systems for clinical diagnostics and animal feed and foodstuff analysis. The products developed by R-Biopharm are characterized by their excellent quality, reliability and efficiency. With its awareness of responsibility, many years experience and a network of more than 30 subsidiaries worldwide, as well as more than 80 international sales partners, together with R-Biopharm, customers from trade and industry and state institutions find answers and solutions to their current analytical challenges.


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