Faster treatment success

With the RIDA®PRECISION ABCB1 test laboratories support physicians in the decision of an antidepressant treatment in order to choose the best drug in the appropriate dose for any individual patient.

The RIDA®PRECISION ABCB1 is a multiplex real-time PCR for the direct qualitative detection of ABCB1 gene variants (SNPs: rs2032583, rs2235015) in human EDTA whole blood samples from patients.

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich have identified DNA sequence variations in the ABCB1 genetic code that influence the function of the blood-brain barrier. The test result advises the doctor which antidepressants should be administered at which dose.

Advantages of the RIDA®PRECISION ABCB1 test for laboratories

Psychiatric laboratory diagnosticsThe ABCB1 test turns laboratory diagnostics for the first time into an important element of depression treament.
Personalized medicineABCB1 diagnostics can be used to adjust the treatment with antidepressants to a patient's individual ABCB1 genotype.
Faster treatment successThe ABCB1 test makes it easier to predict which antidepressants are most suitable for an individual patient. Treament success will occur faster.
Higher remission ratesPatients that are tested using the ABCB1 test and treated accordingly have higher remission rates than patients who were not tested.
Achieving full remission is the best prerequisite for a reduced risk of relapse.
Fewer side effects By recommending suitable antidepressants, you can help prevent adverse side effects.

The ABCB1 test was developed jointly by HMNC Brain Health and the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry. It was validated in numerous scientific studies including a meta-analysis.

Visit the ABCB1-Website for comprehensive information (e.g. on scientific background, FAQs).


Art. no.Y5500
Test formatreal-time PCR with 50 reactions
Incubation timeTime to result:
DNA Extraction: 30 min
real-time PCR: 60 min
Shelf life24 months after production

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