Personalized medicine is often called “the right treatment for the right patient at the right time”. In order to live up to this promise, individual differences in patients, their situation and indeed their genetic profile have to be taken into account.

Our RIDA®PRECISION products are laboratory developed tests that analyse genetic variants or genetic predispositions for e.g. autoimmune diseases (HLA-B27), thrombophilia, food intolerance and hereditary hemochromatosis.


Learn about the RIDA®PRECISION ABCB1 gene test, which supports physicians in the decision of antidepressant treatment for patients suffering from depression

Human genetics

See our new RIDA®PRECISION products for genetic testing which allow the detection of predispositions for various hereditary diseases

Specifications at a glance

Sample materialEDTA whole blood
EDTA capillary blood (only for RIDA®PRECISION ABCB1)
TechnologyReal-time PCR
Analysis systemsLightCycler® 480 Instruments (Roche)
Mx3005P qPCR system (Agilent Technologies)
CFX96™ Real-time detection PCR system (Bio-Rad)
EvaluationRIDA®SEEK software*

*in the validation phase

RIDA® is a world-wide recognized trademark of R-Biopharm AG.

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