R-Biopharm AG & UgenTec partner to develop software for automated PCR analysis

R-Biopharm AG announced today it has entered into an agreement with UgenTec to collaborate on developing interpretation software for R-Biopharm’s clinical PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) kits. Under the agreement, UgenTec will develop standardized software for automated quantitative result [...]

ABCB1 test in Swiss treatment recommendations accepted

To improve clinical guidance in the therapy of diseases, official treatment recommendations are provided in Switzerland. These are comparable to medical guidelines in Germany. In 2016, the treatment recommendations for the acute treatment of depressive episodes were revised by the Swiss Society [...]

Advanced training program psychopharmacology: Therapy success with gene analysis

New approach in depression treatment Globally, over 300 million people suffer from depression. Thus depression is the most common mental disorder. Affected patients have symptoms of sadness, worthlessness and guilt and are severely impaired in their quality of life. At its worst, depression can [...]

Advanced training program psychopharmacology

Apply for our advanced training program psychopharmacology – new ways in depression therapy. The program includes talks and is designed for physicians and psychiatrists only. Discuss with our experts the progress in depression therapy today. See our invitation.

R-Biopharm AG to collaborate with HMNC Brain Health on complementary diagnostic test for optimization of depression treatment

R-Biopharm AG announced today it has entered into a collaboration agreement with HMNC Brain Health in the field of complementary diagnostics. Under this agreement R-Biopharm AG will develop an in vitro PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) based genetic test. The goal is to identify ABCB1 gene [...]

R-Biopharm AG and Merck KGaA enter into collaboration on developing and launching Companion Diagnostics

R-Biopharm AG announced today it has entered into an agreement with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany to collaborate on developing companion diagnostics. The agreement constitutes the first collaboration between the two companies, covering research, development and launching of novel companion [...]

R-Biopharm AG: Takeover the business operations of GeneWake GmbH

R-Biopharm AG, one of the world’s leading suppliers of reliable test systems for clinical diagnostics is taking over the business operations of GeneWake GmbH and reinforcing its field of Companion Diagnostics. R-Biopharm AG has many years of experience in the development of test systems for [...]

R-Biopharm and InfectoGnostics enter cooperation

Since September 2015 the Darmstadt-based diagnostic company R-Biopharm AG is a new partner of InfectoGnostics Research Campus. The medium-sized company is the first InfectoGnostics partner outside of Thuringia. The aim of the partnership is a close cooperation in the fields of clinical [...]

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R-Biopharm and Apogenix Enter Cooperation to Develop Companion Diagnostic Tests for Apogenix’ Immuno-Oncology Candidate APG101

R-Biopharm strengthens its position in the field of companion diagnostics Cooperation represents a further endorsement of R-Biopharm’s companion diagnostic technologies R-Biopharm AG, a global provider of innovative clinical diagnostics, announced today that it has entered into a research and [...]

R-Biopharm Hosting Speech On “A New Approach to Sepsis Diagnostics”

Professor Bauer, Director of the Center for Sepsis Control and Care in Jena (Germany) speaks about a new treatment approach using stratified diagnostics / personalized diagnostics. R-Biopharm hosted a speech on 17 November 2014 by Professor Bauer, Director of the Center for Sepsis Control and [...]

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