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Professor Bauer, Director of the Center for Sepsis Control and Care in Jena (Germany) speaks about a new treatment approach using stratified diagnostics / personalized diagnostics.

R-Biopharm hosted a speech on 17 November 2014 by Professor Bauer, Director of the Center for Sepsis Control and Care in Jena (Germany). His topic: new ways of treating sepsis using stratified and personalized diagnostics.

Current challenges in sepsis diagnostics and treatment

Sepsis treatment still faces many challenges today. This represents a serious problem, since every year in Germany, there are more sepsis incidences than those of colon cancer, breast cancer, and AIDS combined.

Dr. Peter Schubert, Member of the Board, explains the responsible role that R-Biopharm plays in finding a viable solution: “Among the most promising approaches for improving treatment results in sepsis patients are personalized medicine and diagnostics – a field of research where R-Biopharm ranks among the leaders.”

The event took place under the aegis of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Darmstadt-Rhein-Main-Neckar and illustrated the great potential of the new treatment approach.

New treatment approach to sepsis

First and foremost this holds true for the respective patients themselves. Using multiplex detection of various biomarkers and taking into account the individual situation of each patient (e.g. age, type of operation, gender) will lead to meaningful stratification, so that each person can then be treated with an ideally effective medication.

This also allows the use of medication which to date has not been approved for use in the entirety of sepsis patients – but which may well provide great benefit in individually provable cases.

R-Biopharm and sepsis diagnostics

R-Biopharm Business Development Division Head Dr. Frank Apostel illustrates the great opportunities for the industry: “Thanks to personalized medicine, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are able to do focused research and develop solutions that can be proven to be viable.”

Before the speech, the audience was invited to take part in a guided tour of the R-Biopharm premises. During the ensuing get-together, participants had the opportunity to talk about the topics treated, first of all of course about personalized medicine and Companion Diagnostics.

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