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With the new RIDA®PRECISION real-time PCR products the R-Biopharm AG product portfolio was extended by innovative test systems in the product lines pharmacogenetics and human genetics.

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Complementary Diagnostics

Convergence of in vitro diagnostics and therapeutics

In driving Complementary Diagnostics, R-Biopharm is at the forefront of current advancements in testing and therapeutics development. Complementary Diagnostics does not require a strict drug/diagnostic regulatory link at the time of development – thus opening up great new ways of research into diagnostics and its impact on therapeutics. By providing laboratory services, R-Biopharm can develop, co-develop and support new pharmaceutical research approaches, offering services precisely tailored to each project.

Companion Diagnostics

Tangible Steps Towards Personalized Healthcare

As a part of Complementary Diagnostics, Companion Diagnostics describes the approach that is more closely linked to drugs, both existing or under development. Companion Diagnostics is regarded as an important step towards Personalized Healthcare – an ideal treatment format delivering the right medication or indeed therapy to each patient at the perfect time. We get closer to this ideal state by using specific diagnostic tests, so-called Companion Diagnostic tests. These tests are already available for patients with specific types of cancer, and even beyond oncology, many tests are currently under clinical development (e.g. anti-infectives, autoimmune drugs, diabetes).

Your challenges

  • High drug development cost
  • Duration of clinical trials
  • Safety and outcome of clinical trial
  • Competitive landscape

Value of Diagnostics for Therapeutics

  • Lowering development cost
  • Improving time to market
  • Enhancing drug safety
  • Competitive advantage